In our opinion, it is the hunting dog that makes the upland bird hunting experience. The best dog is a loving companion and tireless hunter that works for the handler because the dog loves doing it. Good dogs come from all breeds and mixes of them. If you don’t have your own hunting companion, or would like to hunt your dog with one of ours, we provide a dog and handler for a nominal fee.
We have found that the hunt is most enjoyable and best for our clients and dogs when the ratio is one dog to each two hunters. We tend toward using the English Springer Spaniel, just because they spell pheasant hunting to us, and we don’t hunt waterfowl, even though a few do transit the Luckiamute. We also use other breeds owned by local handlers.

Leaning Oaks, LLC provides most of our tireless hunting companions. Brenda Cates, the owner, is a registered nurse and dog lover. She starts with high quality English Springer Spaniels and works with them from puppyhood to maturity as hunting companions. Her dogs are selected from particular field trial champion blood lines to ensure that we get dogs with the instincts and stamina it takes to make hunting over them a sheer pleasure. They spend their first few months bonding with Brenda and getting the basics. At about six to nine months, she starts the dogs on birds, and they get almost daily experience from then on. She does not train the dogs for field trial competitions, but rather trains them remain within range, flush birds and retrieve quickly and efficiently. We like her dogs because they stay in range, work the cover hard, get to downed birds quickly and deliver them to the handler and happily return to hunting. That is all we can ask.

Brenda currently has two dogs currently hunting-- Paddy, and Spider. Spider is Paddy's littermate. She hunts a bit slower than Paddy, but is a very accurate and excellent bird dog. Katie is our third springer.  She has earned her retirement but still enjoys hunting with us and hanging with people.

Although we prefer the smaller flushing dogs for their style of hunt and ability to penetrate heavy cover, many of our clients might prefer a pointing breed. To that end, we have added KC a German Shorthair bred by Howard Meyer of Chippewa Kennels (  KC is owned and handled by Kendall and is a very reliable hunter and an excellent tracker. Kendall also handles Windy, another shorthair from Howard’s kennel.  We have also arranged with other handlers in the local area for pointing dogs.  Most of them are shorthairs and are either owned by Howard or are from his breeding.  Occasionally Kendall’s son Nick will handle his Griffon, Gunther, and we sometimes have access to other pointers.

We have carefully selected our dogs and handlers to provide the very best classic pheasant hunting experience. We should probably note that all of our dogs get more experience in a month than most dogs do in several years.