At Luckiamute Valley Pheasants, we value our repeat clients.  We treat them well; and, at least by our state, no one gets treated much better than a repeat offender.  So...On your second visit to us, we present you with a hat that indicates you are special to us.  One of the benefits of repeating with us is access to our other hunting opportunities.

We have limited native populations of gamebirds.  Only our Repeat Offenders are allowed to take these species in conjunction with a booked pheasant hunt.  Since these are wild populations, they can only be taken during the hunting seasons set by ODFW.  Proper licensing is required and, in the case of waterfowl, non-toxic shot must be used.

Quail are our most abundant species and usually hunt from September through January.  Most of our birds are California Quail, but we do have some coveys of Mountain Quail on the higher elevations.  The quail are commonly seen during September and October.  After that, hunting pressure from the pheasant hunts drives them to the higher elevations and into our sanctuary area across the river.

Doves and Bandtail Pigeons are available during their quite short seasons in September.   Pigeons are here in abundance in the spring, but are quite few and scattered during the early September season.  Our Mourning Dove usually don't show until very late September or early October.  Since the season usually closes on 30 September, the opportunity is somewhat limited.  

We are on the edge of the Willamette flyway, so there are not usually large numbers migrating ducks on our preserves.  When the low spots in our fields flood, however, good numbers of Teal and other species do come in for a few days.  Jump shooting can be fun.

We do have good numbers of Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers along  the Luckiamute.  In 2011 we are adding a duck blind that will be available only to our Repeat Offenders.  This blind overlooks a permanently flooded area that has been cleared of brush and offers some quite good shooting.  Duck hunting will be unguided unless you specifically want a guide and dog.  If you do need an experienced duck dog, or a guide we will charge an additional $50 fee.

All of these opportunities are provided free of charge as an appreciation of your repeat business.