Upland Bird Hunting in the Willamette Valley, Western Oregon

We are a day use upland bird hunting preserve in the Willamette Valley in Western Oregon. We do not provide meals or overnight accommodations at the present time.

Basic Hunt:

$230 per hunter.  Normally we require a minimum of two hunts to reserve well in advance.  Single hunts can call or email and, if we are not booked, a hunt can be allowed at the $230 price.  Single hunts on weekdays can be scheduled further in advance than weekends. 

Our hunts are all full day hunts and includes the release of at least 5 cock pheasants. More cocks may be released if residual numbers are low.  We do release some hens, but do not allow them to be bagged.

Bird cleaning. We field dress your birds and cool them until you are ready to depart.

We do not provide lunches or lodging, please see our recommendations under lodging and meals.

Maximum number of hunters per unit is 4.

We provide a guide free of charge on your first hunt on our preserve so that you can become more familiar with the different areas and terrains.

Dog and Handler: $50/hunter


You may hunt with either an Oregon Hunting License, or a Private Hunting Preserve Permit. The Oregon License must be valid for the year of the hunt, and must include an upland bird validation.  The hunting preserve permit is valid on any hunting preserve in Oregon, for the preserve hunting year - August 1 to March 31. Cost is based on what we are charged by ODFW, which is currently $6.00 for residents and $12.00 for non-residents. We do not sell the State issued licenses. These are available in Monmouth, Dallas, and Corvallis – all within 25 minutes.

Trap: $9.00 per 25 birds or $18 per 50 birds.
Prices include training on trap use and clay targets but do not include ammunition. We have a supply of 12 and 20 gauge target loads available for purchase if needed.

For inexperienced hunters this is a recommended and inexpensive way to warm up and enhance your hunting experience.

For experienced hunters it is a fun way to tune up, or a get a bit more shooting after your hunt.

We do not currently offer sporting clays.


We are very safety conscious and reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we determine is creating a hazard. The owner or his representative will be the judge of what constitutes a hazard.

We strongly recommend that you wear Orange somewhere high on your body. A hat or vest works best.

We have two rules that we strictly enforce:

No hunting after consuming alcohol, and no hunting
while under the influence of an intoxicant.

Loaded guns and intoxicants don’t mix. Our representative will immediately terminate your hunt if you violate this rule.

We understand that camaraderie sometimes includes alcoholic beverages and encourage you to enjoy your favorite beverage in our hospitality area after your hunt. You may also want to visit one of our local wineries.

No shots below your head.
This rule is designed to limit danger to other hunters, or our dogs. Our representative will terminate your hunt if you endanger either of these.
We subscribe to the philosophy that there is no such thing as a hunting accident. Injury to others or our dogs constitutes negligent handling of a firearm.
Please remember, there will always be another bird and another chance to shoot. Endangering your companions is just not worth the consequences.

Bag Limits:
5 cock pheasants per day
We set this limit so that the hunt remains true to hunting traditions. We think having to identify your target as a cock, rather than a hen, or other species, adds to the experience and makes shots safer.

Although we do have some wild quail, grouse, ducks and geese we do not include these birds in the normal hunts. We monitor these populations and permit hunting only on a limited basis within the normal hunting seasons.